Stripping and Wax Services Boston Massachusetts

Our Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning Services will keep your commercial flooring looking great.


Tired of your VCT tile looking worn and dull? Do you need our stripping and floor waxing services Boston? Let Boston Quality Flooring Restoration bring your VCT tile back to life. Waxing and stripping your floors will maintain their shine and reduce everyday wear and tear. Increasing your floor maintenance from one time to quarterly will bring longevity to your floors and keep them looking nice year-round. We offer first class commercial floor cleaning services. We use the highest quality waxes and apply the maximum amount of coats for extended wear and improved gloss!

You can avoid the following damages with our regular stripping and floor waxing services Boston

  1. Scratches
  2. Cracks due to nondurable protective coating
  3. Discoloration
  4. Spending extra cost
floor waxing services bosotn
floor waxing services bosotn

Whether it’s VCT, acrylic, tile, or any type of flooring you have, maintenance is a must. Without proper maintenance, you are going to observe a yellowish discoloration which can easily because a negative impression on anyone entering your space. In the home, office, or any other commercial building, dirty tiles make the complete area look totally unhygienic. In such a circumstance, people don’t feel fresh and discomfort can lead them not to revisit again.

Our floor technicians use the right tools and chemicals to protect the flooring and design because we understand that one has already spent enough to get the flooring done. Also, regular maintenance and our stripping and floor waxing services keeps daily cleaning a lot easier. So, it’s better to look for the perfect cleaning technicians who can pull the buffing, stripping, and cleaning tasks effectively.

Moreover, neglecting the cleaning part can cost you extra money. So, act wisely and contact us – the flooring professionals.